The following forms and documents are available to Club Members:

  1. 2017 Willow Wheelers Application and Renewal Form
  2. 2017 Cycling Ireland Membership Application Form
  3. 2017 Cycling Ireland Parental Consent Form
  4. Member information form
  5. 2017 100 Mile Charity Cycle Registration Form
  6. RSA cycle safety booklet
  7. Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor form and indemnity
  8. WW unaccompanied minor consent letter for travel with Willow Wheelers
  9. 2017 13 Sept. Club Information Event Flyer
  10. 2017 Willow Wheelers An Introduction Presentation
  11. Bike Details Form
  12. Child Protection Application Willow Park Willow Wheelers
  13. Child Protection Application Blackrock College Willow Wheelers

With respect to the Child Protection Application Forms we suggest that the “Role Being Vetted For” should be completed to read: “​Supervision of pupils in School Cycling Club”.  On completion, the forms can be submitted to Willow Park or Blackrock College school addressed to Willow Wheelers, together with a copy passport (or alternative proof of identity with your photo) and a second form of personal identification.

Parent and son