Membership Renewals

To renew your membership of the Willow Wheelers and Cycling Ireland, pay the annual subscription and complete (i) the Willow Wheelers’ Application & Renewal Form, (ii) the Cycling Ireland Membership Form and (iii) the Cycling Ireland Parental Consent Form, all of which are in the Documents section of this website.

Please note that the Club application and renewal form includes a waiver, and exclusion of and an indemnity against liability in favour of the Club (its officers, representatives and agents) and Willow Park Junior School, Willow Park School (First Year) and Blackrock College.  You should read this carefully before completing, signing and returning the form.  Further details are on the website Safety and Disclaimer page.

Your membership and payment of your annual membership fee covers weekly cycles, participation in the Club, the Club’s cycling events and access to the insurances as set out in the Cycling Ireland website:  For certain Club events (e.g. the 100 Mile Cycle), supplementary insurance may be provided, but otherwise insurance cover is limited to the extent provided by Cycling Ireland.

Membership fees for 2017 are €70 per adult, €70 for the first student family member and €35 for subsequent student family members.  Membership fees should be paid by cheque made payable to: “Christy McDaid / Willow Wheelers”.

Renewal forms and the applicable fee should be delivered to Willow Park School office, marked attention of Christy McDaid or can be given to Christy or John when we meet on Sunday mornings.