Video Gallery

From time to time, we capture the Willow Wheelers in full flow on video.  Enjoy:

2017 Blackrock College PPU President’s Award to Christy McDaid in recognition for his contributions through the Willow Wheelers since 1989:

Thanks to Blackrock College PPU and credit to Peter Murnaghan & Greg Manahan for making the video.

Cycling Videos

  1. 2015 Italy Cesenatico
  2. 2015 Italy Cattolica to Rimini
  3. 2014 France Legends Start
  4. 2014 France Legends End
  5. 2014 France 1st Yr Tortoise Road
  6. 2014 France 1st Year on the road
  7. 2011 France Cap D’Agde France 2 Sheddy Sings
  8. 2011 100 Mile Cycle return to Blackrock
  9. Indiana Jones on 100 Mile Cycle
  10. Spin down Long Road from Roundwood to Enniskerry

Mission Trip Video

This video was recorded, edited and completed by Sean Hannon, TY Student 2016/17, as a record of the Club trip to Kenya in February 2017: