Work-in-progress page

This page will remain as a tracker of work for committee and contributors, but is only visible to those with the URL:

TO DO: A List

  1. Christy to confirm calendar dates – then I update website and upcoming events.
  2. Need to broaden website appeal as currently mainly TY group photos – consider page for each year group, referenced by Leaving Cert Year, eg. current TY would be LC 2019.
  3. Get text from a student from each year group on what they enjoy most with Wheelers + their top tips + on away trips (esp. detail for Clare & Donegal).
  4. Marcie talk to Caroline about a piece on the Wheelerettes.
  5. Ken to work up some text when home for legal waivers for routes, safety tips & general content – Initial (amateur!) Safety & Disclaimer page has been drafted.
  6. Consider child protection policy (see Orwell Wheelers as example) and consider adopting or formally endorsing Cycling Ireland’s code of practice, or modified version thereof.
  7. As a courtesy, notify Willow Park Junior School, Willow Park First Year and Blackrock College?  Ask for website to be notified to students & parents via school communication system?
  8. Pat prepared Introduction to WW slides – include on website when finalised.


  1. The Gambia 2016 page – updated based on piece written by Aine
  2. Uploaded Mission presentations 2014 and 2015
  3. Initial draft Safety & Disclaimer page.
  4. Gallery of photos added
  5. For 100 mile cycle:  Flagged need for and co-ordination of volunteers on catering/driving/etc duties.
  6. Added Prize-giving evening page
  7. Specify last year’s (approx.) cost for each of trips.
  8. Added forms & documents page: Bike details forms for away trips; Parental consent form… etc.
  9. Links to cycleireland, rsa safety cycling instructions and local authority cycling.
  10. In New Members: Specify membership charges and include short explanation for 5th form joiners & part year cost in their first terms in Willow.
  11. Added 5th & 6th form content provided by Keith
  12. Updated Track Day, KoM, etc. pages with additional content
  13. Added Harry Facer’s story about Portugal 2016
  14. Completed WordPress process and sent information to Mike Hannagan and site now moved to:

TO DO: B List

  1. Query add fb widget, discuss with John.
  2. Query add a restricted Members Only section, eg with detail of upcoming trips, etc.
  3. Consider incl. copy of Club’s student welfare/safety rules, possibly with links to various school ones too.
  4. Include copy of Club constitution and rules when agreed.
  5. Add sponsors, esp. for 100 mile cycle?
  6. Missionary trip pages to identify teachers, include some comments from them and input from the boys who went on these trips.
  7. Consider new host in due course.

Email to WW Committee 22 July

Dear WW Committee,

I have made a start on the Willow Wheelers’ website, which I invite you to explore through the links above.  This website remains very much draft and is not available to the public without the URL (

I would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to review the site and send comments to me.  I could also do with some help (your homework), so if any of you have time and up to volunteer to write content for a few pages (eg. Mission trips, photos of year groups other than my TY group, etc.), please send me your suggested text by email or as a Word document.  You will be able to easily see where content is light or missing.

A few further points for consideration:

  • I have gone with a specific site structure that works with a wide range of platforms, devices, etc. following a very helpful chat with Hugh Mohan, ex Wheeler who is building the Blackrock Rowing website.  Whilst we have wide discretion over content, the layout of the site is more rigid.  I will see what can be done with any suggestions.
  • I have adopted a clean white and blue theme, sympathetic with the schools’ colours and noted the relationship with the schools, but have not used their logos, etc. as I think we should retain some independence, but also consider how best to introduce the website to the schools’ principals at the appropriate time in a way that fosters closer co-operation.
  • I understand that Blackrock College, in particular the PPU website administrator, uses WordPress to administer the PPU website, which makes it easier in future years to host and maintain a link with the schools.
  • I have been in touch with Mike Hannigan and hope to be able to take control of our domain name within the next couple of weeks. Once we have the website in a ready state, I should be able to migrate this temporary site to the correct domain address.
  • The cost to keep the domain name and host with WordPress, the annual cost is less than €200.
  • I may be able to add our Facebook to the feed (e.g. instead of Twitter), but I think we would have the make the Facebook a static site.  More to investigate on this.
  • Please see the Calendar page, which reflects the discussion at our last committee meeting. Perhaps you could help me fill in the missing information, as this remains a key priority. Once Pat has completed and we are all happy with the presentation discussed at the last meeting, this could be made available on the website.
  • I can see lots of areas to add to the site (FAQs, Willow Wheelerettes, Club rules, disclaimer, etc.), but I reckon we should get it up and running, and we can upgrade or add to the site over time.