Year Groups

We are building a collection of Willow Wheelers’ photographs over the years for you to enjoy.  We are interested in your photos, as outlined further below.

If you would like to check out your Year Group, follow these links:

  1. Class of 2025 5th Form
  2. Class of 2024  6th Form
  3. Class of 2023 1st Year
  4. Class of 2022 2nd Year
  5. Class of 2021 3rd Year
  6. Class of 2020 TY / 4th Year
  7. Class of 2019 5th Year
  8. Class of 2018 6th Year
  9. Class of 2017
  10. Class of 2016
  11. Class of 2015
  12. Class of 2014
  13. Class of 2013
  14. Wheelerettes

If you have photos that you can share, please send them to and for each photo and note the following information:

  1. Class or expected class of Leaving Certificate year (eg. 2016/17 TY/4th Year would be Leaving Certificate year class of 2019)
  2. Year photo taken and class at that stage (eg photo taken in 2016 of 3rd Year)
  3. Location photo taken.

It would be helpful if you could name each photo file separately in order for us to manage the photos efficiently.  The suggested file naming convention for each photo is YYYY TTTT CCCC PPPPPPPP, as follows:

  1. Expected or actual year completing leaving certificate: YYYY
  2. Year photo taken: TTTT
  3. What year/class your boy was in when photo taken(eg. 1st Year): CCCC
  4. Location: PPPPPPPP

For example, a photo taken in Portugal in 2016 for the then 3rd year group who will complete the Leaving Certificate in 2019 would be named as follows: 2019 2016 3rd Year Portugal

If any member wishes to have any of the photos on this website removed, please contact us using the query facility on the Contact page.